ROAMpay Credit Card Reader

ROAMpay Wireless Phones

Accept payments on your cell phone, while on the go with ROAMpay!

ROAMpay Wireless is the latest technology from ROAMData that allows merchants and business that are on the go the piece of mind to accept payments. With this latest technology, you can quickly process electronic transactions over a secure network, regardless of your location. By converting your cell phone into a secure POS (Point Of Sale) terminal is essentially how the ROAMpay creadit card reader works.

It doesn't matter if you are a small or large business, sell face-to-face, or remotely; swipe with confidence with ROAMpay Wireless. No carrying around a large, bulky machine since ROAMpay Swipe is small enough to fit in your pocket and plugs right into your 3.5 mm headphone jack of your phone. ROAMpay Swipe works with iPhones, select Android phones, and select BlackBerry phones.

Remember, Swipe For The Best Rate! Use ROAMpay with the ROAMpay Swiper from ROAM Data!

***ROAMpay comes with security features that a merchant expects to receive from a payment service company.***

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