Gift Cards

Turn your terminal into an innovative marketing campaign with our gift card and loyalty card program. Merchant-branded cards help create and increase customer loyalty. A considerable percentage of all gift and loyalty cards are not even used! For those that are, it increases your repeat business. Our gift and loyalty card program turns your credit card terminal into a money-making machine!

Merchant Gift CardsFor over 10 years, we have served as an industry leader in pre-packaged and custom gift card programs and merchandising tools. Our focus is on maximizing the return on investment for each merchant program by providing the right tools for the job and the information needed to make your program a success.

Card Design and Printing:
Every successful gift card program needs a great card design. Valutec simplifies the graphic production process so you get the most effective design and the highest quality card for a very affordable price.

Gift Card Processing:
Valutec is a gift and loyalty card transaction processor. Our proprietary transaction-processing engine was built from the ground up to provide the most stable and scalable platform in the industry. This also means that we have direct access to system maintenance, providing our merchants the most reliable gift card program performance and reporting possible.

Product Merchandising:
Marketing the program is one of the most important factors determining success. Valutec has developed a line of merchandising tools to do just that. From card racks and hangers to window signs to a full variety of card carriers, Valutec has it. Can we design and produce a custom item just for your business? Absolutely.

Transaction Reporting:
Visibility into program performance is key for any merchant. That's why Valutec offers a variety of report options via our website or email. Whether you require transaction data for daily batch reports, or customer demographic data as part of your loyalty rewards program, we have you covered.